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German Working Rottweilers

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Firehouse Rottweilers / Vom Feuerhaus is a family hobby German Rottweiler kennel located in Peoria AZ USA by Jim and Heather Laubmeier. Jim is a Captain/Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department so we named our kennel to honor his profession. We have owned Rottweilers since 1992 and found out by experience and education that the German Rottweiler and ADRK breeding system is superior due to strict breeding & testing regulations and imported our first German ADRK Rottweiler in 2005. In 2004 while looking for our 1st German Rottweiler Jim was introduced to the German sport of Schutzhund / IPO and became a schutzhund/ IPO helper. This was instrumental in our education process of German Rottweilers as we learned by experience the type of Rottweilers we wanted to own, train and eventually breed in our kennel. Since 2004, Jim became a National / World level Schutzhund helper and worked many club, Regional and worked 10 National Schutzhund/IPO events and 1 World event. We started our family in 2008 and now have 2 young daughters, Annika & Kerstin who love our Rottweilers and are instrumental in the socialization process. Our breeding program is focused on following the German ADRK system and we actively raise, socialize, train and title our own Rottweilers at the Phoenix Rottweiler Club that we are actively involved in as members and leaders. We have taken all 6 of our current and past German Rottweilers and passed the BH & Ztp and will continue to do the this with all future Rottweilers we own so we show and work the dogs we breed. The German ADRK system is set up to only allow Rottweilers that are proven breed – worthy through strict health, temperament, type and working ability tests via the Ztp or Breed Suitability Test. All of our Rottweilers both male & female are required by us to pass strict health testing and the Ztp before being bred. This system provides a proven Rottweiler for breeding and future generations. We strive to breed, raise, train and title the TOTAL Rottweiler in correct type, temperament and working ability. Our goal is to produce strong, stable and typey German Rottweilers that are bred and raised in our home to be show, working and family Rottweilers. Thanks for your interest in Firehouse Rottweilers!

German Working Rottweilers

Our Dogs

Waik vom Hause Anin


  • DOB: 10/13/2011

  • 65cm, 50kg

  • ADRK ZB# 121856

  • AKC WS44701101

  • HD Frei, ED Frei (ADRK)

Leyna vom Schwaiger Wappen


  • DOB: 06/16/2007

  • ADRK ZB# 114695

  • BH, BST-Ztp, V-Rated

Anke vom Feuerhaus


  • DOB: 10/13/2012

  • AKC WS43145201

Vanca vom Hause Anin


  • DOB: 7/7/2011

  • ADRK 121430

German Working Rottweilers


Vom Feuerhaus 'E' Litter
Firehouse Rottweilers, Peoria AZ
Sire: Waik Vom Hause Anin, V1 & Sieger, BH, Ztp, HD & ED Frei
Dam: Vanca Vom Hause Anin, V1 rated, BH, Ztp, HD & ED Frei
Both parents are ADRK German imports and trained/ titled here at Firehouse Rottweilers in Peoria, AZ

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Rainbow Bridge

Bronko vom Wachberg


  • DOB: 06/15/2005

  • 66cm, 54kg

  • ADRK ZB# 111432

  • AKC WS17861301

  • BH, BST-Ztp, Multi V-Rated

Vaika vom Herrenholz


  • DOB: 04/13/2006

  • ADRK ZB# 112623

  • BH, BST-Ztp, Multi V-Rated

German Working Rottweilers

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